Fairway Capital Management is an institutional venture capital investment manager exclusively focused on two objectives:

  1. Generating attractive investment performance
  2. Providing great client service
Our economic model helps to ensure a singular commitment to higher returns, while trusted client relationships are formed by our dedicated account managers.
We have an experienced, cohesive team that has access to top-tier IT and healthcare funds.
Members of the Fairway team have worked together for up to 15 years. Our professionals have relationships with many of the top venture capital investors that have been developed over decades.
Our interests are truly aligned with our clients.
We believe our fee schedules emphasize performance over management fees. Further, our professionals make significant personal investments in our funds alongside our clients.
We have a performance driven culture.
We have developed a collaborative environment while also providing our seasoned professionals significant autonomy. This environment allows individual rewards to be tied directly to investment performance and client service.
Our firm structure ensures clarity and focus.
Our focused organization reduces bureaucracy and reinforces our emphasis on investment performance. In addition, our Resource Partners provide state-of-the-art, institutional quality support.
We believe a diversity of backgrounds leads to better decision making and better outcomes for our clients.
Fairway Capital Management is committed to maintaining an organization with 50%+ minority/women representation when it comes to investment decision making, firm ownership, and compensation.